What is better than dry needling?

What is better than dry needling?

October 25, 2023

What is better than dry needling?

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What is Better Than Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a technique utilized by physical therapists and other health care professionals to address trigger points in the body. It can expedite recovery from an injury and reduce pain levels. Your therapist uses thin needles to loosen muscles, alleviate tendonitis and inflammation, increase blood flow and facilitate healing. As the needle penetrates your trigger point, you may experience a brief twitch as confirmation that it’s working.


Acupuncture has the potential to treat a range of conditions, such as pain, nausea and vomiting, depression, low immunity and chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. It may also be beneficial for women experiencing menstrual cramps or hot flashes during menopause.

Dry needling is not the same as acupuncture, which utilizes scientific methods with precise treatment objectives. Acupuncture involves inserting extremely fine needles that penetrate your skin in order to target specific tissues beneath.

It can provide relief from migraines, fibromyalgia, back pain and headaches. Furthermore, it increases hormones which may have an beneficial effect on fertility.

Acupuncture is a noninvasive, drug-free treatment that has been scientifically proven to reduce pain and increase blood flow to muscles and trigger points. It may also reduce inflammation and enhance range of motion in joints. Acupuncture should be part of an integrated approach for health and wellness; in addition to physical benefits, acupuncture also reduces stress and elevates moods.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an effective treatment for many musculoskeletal conditions, such as back and neck pain. It can help you manage your condition and return to a normal lifestyle.

Physical therapists use fine needles to loosen muscle tightness and reduce inflammation, improving your overall health and wellbeing. Furthermore, they teach you how to exercise safely and correctly with the aim of relieving pain and improving quality of life.

Though the effectiveness of dry needling is still uncertain, it could be a better alternative to other therapies if you work with an experienced physical therapist who specializes in this technique and has an established record for providing successful care. You can search for nearby physical therapists by visiting Moore Physical Therapy or searching “physical therapists near me.”

Massage Therapy

Massage therapists utilize various pressures, movements and techniques to manipulate muscles and other soft tissues in your body. They can help relieve pain and tension, promote circulation and heal injuries.

Massage therapy may also be beneficial in relieving side effects from cancer treatment, such as nausea, pain and fatigue. It has also been known to reduce depression and anxiety symptoms as well as stress and tension.

People of all ages can benefit from this procedure, and it is safe for most health conditions. However, it’s essential to speak to your doctor first about whether massage therapy is suitable for you. Depending on the condition, you might require regular sessions or just when certain symptoms appear.

A massage therapist will begin by having you undress (keep your underwear on) and lie down on a massage table. You’ll be covered with either a drape or towel, while music may be played to help you relax.


Chiropractic is a branch of healthcare that emphasizes spinal health and well-being. It takes an integrated approach to restore joint mobility through manipulation, soft-tissue therapy, massage therapy, exercises, and stretches.

Chiropractors can treat a range of conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, headaches and muscle injuries. By working together with other healthcare providers they ensure your condition is under control and on the road to recovery.

Dry needling is an alternative treatment option some chiropractors choose to incorporate into their practices. It’s a safe, drug-free method for treating chronic and acute muscle issues that often results in reduced pain levels.

Dry needling is a technique in which needles are inserted at trigger points – tender spots on muscles that cause pain elsewhere in the body. It works by stimulating these underlying trigger points, increasing blood flow and altering how your brain perceives pain. For more information on treatments for back pain and sciatica, visit Moore Physical Therapy’s Back Pain and Sciatica page.

If you’re interested in learning more about dry needling or other services offered at Moore Physical Therapy, visit their home page or contact them to schedule an appointment.

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