ServicesWhen a person has been injured or undergone surgery, their muscles and tendons need to be gently and precisely trained to function properly again. That’s what physical therapy is for, to recondition and retrain your muscles and tendons to work properly with each other to manipulate the skeleton.


Function-2Functional Improvement

As people get older, their bodies start to slow down and lose the ability to pursue the activities and hobbies that brought meaning to their lives. Age doesn’t have to pull you away from your favorite activities, we see men and women every day who refuse to surrender to their body’s downward trend. Our functional improvement therapy can help you regain control of your life by isolating problem areas and building up your strength and stamina.

Pain-2Pain Treatment

A person experiencing severe muscle pain seek massage therapy, if their skeleton is out of alignment, they see a chiropractor. But, if the same problems come up over and over again, the answer isn’t expensive ongoing appointments for massage or adjustments, the answer is physical therapy.

When a muscle or tendon isn’t doing its job, the surrounding muscles try to pick up the slack. This can cause more problems, pain and discomfort in both muscles and bones. Tight muscles cramp and pull bones, like the spine, out of alignment. Basic treatments like massage and chiropractic therapies can bring temporary relief, but without retraining the weak or damaged muscles / tendons, the problem will just continue to happen. Our physical therapy treatments provide a wide range of solutions to chronic pain situations. Our staff will be able to relieve your pain today and keep it from coming back tomorrow.

Surgical-2Surgical Recovery

Whether a person is young or old, recovering from surgery takes a toll on the entire system. Muscles get tight and protest the slightest movement, and your body focuses all of its resources to rejoining the cuts in muscles and skin. The body often feels weak, sick and tired in the aftermath of a surgical procedure and afterwards, the muscles are no longer conditioned for the hard work that used to be normal.

Physical therapy for people recovering from surgery is vital to breaking down scar tissue, increasing blood flow and regaining muscle control. There is a loss of dexterity and functionality that can only be regained by retraining the muscles and tendons affected by the surgery. We not only provide specifically targeted treatments, but we can teach you things to do at home to keep your recovery progressing from home.

Sports-2Sports Injuries

Athletes who are injured in action usually put themselves out of action by pulling, spraining or tearing a muscle or ligament that is vital to their sport. Repairing the damage can mean anything in a spectrum from heat and ice packs to surgical repairs. Often, after the initial pain of recovery is overcome, special treatment of the injury stops and the muscles and tendons never regain their former strength.

Without proper physical therapy, the young man or woman won’t only be unable to rejoin their team, but they run the risk of a restraining the injury at any time, for the rest of their life. Carefully retraining, isolating and strengthening the injured muscles and tendons can give the athlete the best chance of full recovery and set them up for a healthier life on and off the field.