Each individual comes to physical therapy with their own unique needs. No surprise when we consider no two people are entirely alike. Because of this here at Moore Physical Therapy we will tailor our services and treatments to fit your needs like a custom suit. You can know we are experts in addressing your impairments while working with your specific set of needs. Nothing gives us more joy than helping you reach your goals.

  • Moore Physical Therapy | Functional Improvement

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  • Functional Improvement

    As people grow older, their bodies undergo the natural aging changes that tend to slow us down. When this slowing affects our ability to pursue the activities and hobbies that bring meaning to our lives then something needs to be addressed. Age doesn’t have to pull you away from your favorite activities, we see men and women every day who refuse to surrender to their body’s downward trend. Our functional improvement therapy can help you regain control of your life. Let us show you how.

  • Moore Physical Therapy | Pain Treatment

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  • Pain Treatment

    Pain is your body signaling something is wrong. Ignoring pain for more than a few days can be a mistake that can have large and even long-term side effects. Pain can originate from many locations, tissue types, and processes in this complex body of ours. We find that most patients have a very poor understanding of what is actually causing the pain they are experiencing. We use our extensive understanding of anatomy and physiology to provide you with a diagnosis then create a plan to eliminate the root cause of your pain for the long term.

  • Moore Physical Therapy | Surgical Recovery

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  • Surgical Recovery

    Whether a person is young or old, recovering from surgery takes a toll on the entire system. Muscles get tight and protest the slightest movement, and your body focuses all of its resources on rejoining the cuts in muscles and skin. The body often feels weak, sick and tired in the aftermath of a surgical procedure and afterward, the muscles are no longer conditioned for the hard work that used to be normal. Physical therapy for people recovering from surgery is vital to breaking down scar tissue, increasing blood flow and regaining muscle control. There is a loss of dexterity and functionality that can only be regained by retraining the muscles and tendons affected by the surgery. We not only provide specifically targeted treatments, but we can teach you things to do at home to keep your recovery progressing from home.

  • Moore Physical Therapy | Sports Injuries

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  • Sports Injuries

    Being an athlete is inherently challenging for our bodies. Athletes tend to be stronger and have more coordinated movements than the general public. These benefits to the athlete are accompanied with an increased occurrence of overuse or traumatic injury. The phrase "No Pain, No Gain was coined and pertains largely to athletic endeavor. No surprise then that injury management is a common need for athletes. This being the case, we are the experts at helping athletes through these periods of recovery from injury. Carefully retraining, isolating and strengthening the injured muscles and soft tissues give an athlete the best chance of full recovery and set them up for a healthier life on and off the field.

  • Moore Physical Therapy | Orthopedic Conditions

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  • Orthopedic Conditions

    If you have chronic bone, muscle or joint pain, we can help you work through it. Orthopedic conditions are treatable and some can even be cured with physical therapy. So, if your orthopedic suffering is progressively stealing your independence and mobility, we can help.

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