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Surgical recovery covers a wide range of procedures. Recovering from a surgical procedure may require more time and visits depending on how invasive your surgery was. We are experienced in aiding and speeding the recovery from torn tendons and ligaments, joint replacements and minor surgical treatments. We work closely with your surgeon, following their protocol to help you get back to full function.

After your surgery, you will likely experience pain, inflammation and a loss of mobility in the surrounding muscles and joints; physical therapy will reduce these effects. Our therapists will design a treatment regimen that will:

  • Reduce swelling
  • Break down scar tissue
  • Increase blood flow
  • Reduce pain
  • Increase mobility

As you expand your range of motion, we will isolate weak and healing muscles and tendons in order to bring them up to their original strength. If this isn’t done, the surrounding muscles tendons and ligaments will try to compensate for its weakness and that will cause tension that can lead to further problems. Some of the areas we will help you with are reducing scar tissue, and move safely and comfortably.

Reduce scar tissue after surgery

Scar tissue and surgery go hand-in-hand. They must also repair scar tissue when a surgeon needs to remove layers of skin, fat tissue, connective tissue, or muscles.

Scar tissue is formed when the body finishes what the surgeon began. Scar tissue is formed from inflammation and irritation surrounding joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. This makes it difficult for the area of scar tissue to move.

It is hard and painful to remove scar tissue once it has formed and become solidified. A physical therapist should be able to move scar tissue as soon as possible. This will help reduce the pain and swelling that can occur after surgery.

Although physical therapy can be uncomfortable immediately after surgery, it’s far more painless than waiting for rehabilitation to start.

Move safely and comfortably

A physical therapist can often start the therapy process within 24hrs of surgery. Numerous studies have shown that patients who get up and move immediately after surgery have a faster recovery time than those who have to rest or recover. Patients who have had a hip or knee replacement must be able to walk and stand within 24 hours.

Patients who have had surgery in other parts of their bodies are often referred immediately to a physical therapy professional so that they can start therapy as soon after discharge from the hospital. Your recovery will be faster if you get started with rehabilitation as soon as possible after surgery.

It is often forgotten that a physical therapist can also be a medical specialist. They have extensive education and training, and are skilled diagnosis.

Your first session will be a physical therapist’s assessment of your movement abilities and discussion about your surgery. The physical therapist will schedule your post-surgical rehabilitation appointments according to your needs and procedure.

You might think, “It’s too early!” or “I’m not ready!” Trust their expertise, experience, and knowledge. You will be able to return to optimal health faster if you follow the prescribed timing and order of physical therapy.

Get Help in Mesa, Tempe or Gold Canyon

Because we can’t be with you all day every day, we will give you a number of movements, exercises and stretches that you can do on your own at home. Correct movement and exercise performed outside of the clinic will help maintain the mobility we cultivate in the office. The more work you put in on your own, the faster you will recover and the stronger your recovering muscles, ligaments and tendons will become.

We will be there for you to make sure your recovery progresses quickly and steadily to your full range of motion and strength. We look forward to meeting you and seeing you through your recovery process and back to your normal life.

Moore Physical Therapy can help you schedule a consultation. These reasons for attending post-surgical rehabilitation will help you understand how physical therapy can lead to a faster recovery.

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Farpour N.

Scott and his team are very professional! Their diagnosis is accurate and they won’t overwhelm you with a bunch of medical terms. Their exercises are simple and efficient. I am happy that I worked with their team.

Theresa Ostrowski

Had therapy because of knee replacement. Great bunch of people, very professional and very friendly. Explained what they were doing to rehab my knee. Would highly recommend it if you need therapy.