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How to Recover from Personal Injury

Our skilled professionals know how to assist those with the unique circumstances surrounding personal injury claims. In addition to superior care our physical therapists provide, our clerical staff understands the ins and outs of the insurance claim process. Additionally, our relationships with local attorneys and other local medical professionals also help us to coordinate your needed care.

We will work with you from day one by explaining your options to chose freedom from upfront costs or working with your health insurance.

The severe nature of injuries need to be addressed immediately:

  1. Auto Accidents (Car, large trucks, motorcycles)
  2. Workplace injuries
  3. Slip and fall accidents
  4. Assault

Don’t wait to get in to start getting better.

Personal injuries can be very critical. Accident related injuries can cause many physical mobility issues, even if you feel alright at the time of your accident. After an injury, there are a variety of things that can mask problems, allowing them to develop into major injuries, if not addressed quickly. After a collision, your adrenaline can dull pain and allows you to operate your body without realizing that you are injured. As time passes, and your body begins to relax, your adrenaline subsides, and muscles begin to tighten. This can result in some, or even complete loss of mobility if not addressed quickly.

These injuries can be especially dangerous if they are located in the neck, back, and joints. Our rehabilitation treatments can help you recover from the problems that occur after auto, workplace, and other accidents or injuries. We can help you fully recover, regaining your full range of motion, and improve your strength and stability.

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