How to Recover from a Total Knee Replacement

How to Recover from a Total Knee Replacement

December 5, 2022

With the help of Moore Physical Therapy, knee replacement surgery improves lives.

An impending total knee replacement surgery can seem overwhelming.  There are many questions to occupy the mind, such as:

  • Who needs to have knee replacement surgery?
  • How long will it take to recover?
  • Why is physical therapy imperative to proper recovery?
  • Can anything be done at home?

These are important questions and we have the answers. The better you understand the process, the less anxiety you will feel.

Who needs to have knee replacement surgery?

Though it is not the only cause, people who suffer from osteoarthritis are common candidates for knee replacement surgery. This condition causes pain and stiffness of the joints as the cartilage and bone begin to deteriorate. This inflexibility and extreme discomfort can lead to the necessity of an artificial knee.

How long will it take to recover?

The recovery period is different for each person and is dependent on individual circumstances.  Generally, once the surgery is complete and the artificial joint has been placed, rehabilitation starts within two days.  You will begin physical therapy in the hospital, using a walker or crutches to help support your body weight and keep stress off of the knee. This therapy continues as you move from the hospital to our outpatient facility, where our mesa az physical therapists will prepare a series of exercises and stretches to facilitate your daily activities.  After the procedure, you can expect to be in physical therapy for 2 months or more, depending on your specific needs.  Your therapist will create a recovery plan catered to you.

Why is physical therapy imperative to proper recovery?

Only with the experience and specialized training of a physical therapist will you be able to properly and fully recover from a total knee replacement. The physical therapists here at Moore Physical Therapy have the necessary office equipment and know-how to safely guide you through a series of healing and strengthening routines, such as range of motion stretches and exercises. We can help you plan the safest way to complete daily tasks, such as bathing or navigating stairs. With appropriate training, you will learn to strengthen correct muscle groups. Our physical therapists will direct your increasing exercise load and protect you from over-exertion.

Can anything be done at home?

Our physical therapists are equipped to teach a recovering knee replacement patient how to continue recovering at home. They will assess in-home risks and advise you on safety procedures.  The stretches and exercises therapists can teach will allow you to continue strengthening the muscles around a new knee in your own home.  You will learn how to safely resume and enjoy ordinary life without knee pain.

Moore Physical Therapy is the right choice for your complete recovery.

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