The Log Roll Technique

The Log Roll Technique

December 5, 2022

Getting in and out of bed without back pain using the “Log Roll” technique.

We’re gonna show a quick technique, called the “Log Roll”.

A lot of our patients with lower back pain tend to have issues, from a supine position (a laying down position), and then getting up to a seated position.

Laying Down, Using the “Log Roll” Technique:

  1. So, going down, you’re gonna just put your elbow down on the bed
  2. Then bring feet up, that way the spine won’t flex at all
  3. Lie down
  4. Then, roll onto your back

Then it’s the same steps, in reverse to get up-

Sitting Up From a Bed, Using the “Log Roll” Technique:

  1. Roll onto your left side
  2. Push down on the bed with your right hand
  3. Use your left elbow to push off the bed (simultaneously with step 2)
  4. Lower legs off of the bed (simultaneously with steps 2 & 3)
  5. Sit straight up, without flexing spine

That will really decrease the amount of pain you’ll feel in your lower back as you’re getting from a laying down position to a standing position.

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