Kamira Buchler

Patient Care Coordinator

Kami’s full name is Kamira Buchler but she prefers to go by Kami. She was born in California. She moved to Colorado when I was 2, then moved to Arizona in 1972. She graduated high school in 1982 from Apache Junction and was married that same year. She home-schooled her 4 kids. She and her husband raised their kids on over 100 acres of land, where we raised ALL of our own food, fruits, veggies, meat, etc. She made all of their cheese and bread, canned their food, processed their chickens, and milked the cows. All of her kids have grown up and moved away now. She moved into “civilization” and, at some point, wants to get back to that lifestyle on a limited basis, more like urban farming. We will see what the future holds! She loves working in the Physical Therapy setting, it is moving, flowing, and active. She doesn’t ever want to retire! She enjoys Moore Physical Therapy because the people are just a comfortable fit