Dr. Rebecca Nelson, PT, DPT

Rebecca Nelson grew up in Arizona and after PT school moved out of state for 5 years (Oregon and northern California). Rebecca and her husband moved back in 2020 to be closer to family. She enjoys going to the gym/lifting, running, and hiking, as well as reading and listening to podcasts. She enjoys going to local breweries and taking her dog on walks with her husband. The thing she loves most about being a physical therapist is empowering patients and teaching them what they can do to optimize their abilities and see them return to the activities and hobbies they love. Her husband is also a physical therapist (he works at MPT, too!). They have a boxer-pitt mix named Slater and are expecting their first baby in the Spring! Rebecca went to the University of Arizona for her undergrad and Northern Arizona University for PT school. She has wanted to be a PT since 8th grade, the first time she attended PT as a patient. She has always enjoyed learning about the human body and how it functions and loves how movement and strength training can positively impact a person’s quality of life. She is also certified in Dry Needling. Those that know Rebecca love that she is thoughtful, thorough, and empathetic.