Patient Reviews

We love our patients and we're grateful for the kind things they've said about us. Here are some of their reviews and personal testimonials.

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Denis Tonovitz Tinnel

These professionals are the best. My husband and I have both used their services. Loved Austin!!

Jennifer Fagan Harrison

I have been coming here for 2 years now. I can not imagine going anywhere else for physical therapy. The staff here is so knowledgeable and caring, they make you feel like part of the family. I highly recommend them for any of your therapy needs.

Jerris Jones

These folks are awesome. They're doing great work on me while providing an extremely friendly atmosphere.

Inge McKeever

Love these people!!! I meet Mark Moore many years ago when my late husband was in need of Physical Therapy. they are so kind and compassionate but make you work to achieve your goal, few of you know I can take pain pills, 2015 I got a knee replacement one of the Therapist name Brad was an amazing support hold me when I cry and pushed me with love and kindness Anyone on Moore Therapy Will make you feel like family when they work on you. If you need help don't hesitate to call, you don't only have a wonderful professional helping you, but great friends I believe their policy is "you are a person, not just a number we treat you with respect "

Brad Hekekia

I had a reunion trip planned over this past weekend that I almost canceled due to gout in my right toe. It was very inflamed and I struggled to walk. I couldn't get into a doctor to get a cortisone shot. So I made a last-ditch effort and had Brad Hall give me some therapy. After 15 minutes with Brad, I was able to walk virtually without a limp and without the toe inflaming during the trip. I just followed his prescribed regimen...stretching, ice, and ibuprofen and I was good throughout my trip. During the therapy, Brad was very aware of my pain level/tolerance and gave therapy that didn't induce unreasonable or shocking pain. This is an impressive skill/gift. I'm amazed and grateful.

Joyce Biscoe

This truly is the very best place ever for physical therapy. Everyone here from the front desk to the therapist and assistants are fantastic. They are all like a huge family, they are compassionate, caring and a fun group to be around. I highly recommend anyone looking for a good physical therapy place to go here. I have recommended several people already to come here. Love this place.

Kermit Fry

The wonderful people at Moore were kind, attentive and personal with helping in getting you back to where you need to be. Kinda wish I'd get hurt again just to go back lol. But seriously, great staff and very accommodating. Thanks, guys, the foot is doing well!

Felice Prager

Moore Physical Therapy came with high recommendations from my surgeon and his staff. Skeptical me said, "No place can be that good." Well - it was. I started therapy two weeks after knee replacement surgery. The entire staff at Moore Physical Therapy worked with me to help me feel better and start using my knee titanium knee. There truly is no weak link at this office. No matter who I was scheduled to see, I felt confident that I was getting great care and great advice. Highly recommended.