6 Lesser Known Facts to Get Relief

Do you struggle to get lasting relief from your ongoing pain or dysfunction? Don’t look closer at these important facts unless you are ready to finally get relief and get back to doing what you love.

  1. Pain medicine has a lower long term benefit compared to PT.>
  2. 4 weeks is the average time to pain relief.
  3. The longer you wait the longer your recovery will take.
  4. Expense of PT is a fraction of productivity, medication, and relationship costs.
  5. Soft tissue recovery is dramatically more rapid with proper exercises.
  6. Postural influences account for most neck/shoulder discomfort.

Physical Therapy is very likely the solution you have been looking for.  But don’t expect something for nothing. You will have the critical role in recovery.

Your pain does not need to last forever!

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Free 15 minute assessment with exercise instruction including resistance band for home use.